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Awareness of India and Hindu philosophy in the late 60's

the jimi hendrix experience
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The Beatles as well as Jimi Hendrix led their young fans into a study of India and Hindu culture in the late 60's. We learned about things such as
- gurus
- meditation
- Lotus seating position and yoga
- Hindu mythology, such as Lord Krishna
- Indian kurtas (tunics), sandals and jewelry
- Indian incense
- Nehru jackets
- Indian palette of colors.

Here's a Hendrix quiz for you and your parents . . .

1. City in which Hendrix was born and raised?
2. Category of his late 60's music?
3. Music that was the origin of his style?
4. Type of guitar (brand and model) with which he was most commonly associated?
5. Type of British amplifiers which became his signature amp in his later career?
6. City in which he was discovered and granted a major recording contract?
7. The traditional American song that he revamped for guitar at the Woodstock Fest in 1969?
8. Origin of his guitar gymnastics - playing it behind his back, between his legs, with his teeth?
9. Age at his death?
10. Name of Microsoft co-founder Bill Allen's museum that is largtely a tribute to Hendrix?

1. Seattle
2. psychedelic - long songs, extended improvisation, special effects, influenced by the ingestion of psychotropic substances.
3. The blues.
4. Fender's Stratocaster (a model created in the 1950's). He also played the Gibson Flying V and Les Paul and Gibson acoustics.
5. Marshall amps, though he also played Fender amps.
6. London. He couldn't get a major contract in NYC.
7. Star-spangled Banner.
8. African-American blues artists in juke joints.
9. age 28
10. The EMP, or Experience Music Project. It is a radical building in Seattle located under the Space Needle.

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