Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Comparing two giants: India and China

Kolkata Flower Market
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Students were asked to make a graphic comparison between India and China using the RMQRWA.

1. Maps that show the relative size, which is about 3 to one.
2. Graphs that compare
a) populations
b) population density
c) area.

China has a Communist government that has been modified: it has dropped economic control.
India is a democracy.

The US alliance with India is strained by our partnership with Pakistan. Tens of billions of dollars of US aid to Pakistan has been designated for control of terrrorists, says NPR.

Today , says Time magazine,top US students are learning Mandarin Chinese. Will students of the next generation want to learn Hindi?

China, which continues with its successful One family, One Child policy, has achieved a certain level of population control. India has no such control and its population is expected to surge past China's in the near future, according to Newsweek.

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