Thursday, November 29, 2007

Comparing the George Washington-led struggle with the Gandhi-led revolution against the british; paper due Wed, Dec 5

Defying the Colonial Masters, a graphic report comparing
Gandhi and the people of India vs the British
and George Washington and the American colonists vs the British.

15 pts
Wed, Dec 5
Please TYPE on 2 sheets.

a) Turning point battle(s). Brief descriptions (exs: the Massacre at Amritsar and the Salt March).
b) Begining & end of each independence movement. Dates and brief descriptions (ex: Gandhi’s arrival in India in 1915 and the exit of the British in 1947).
c) Brief biographies (use 3 dates; make sure of the facts of both by your research).
d) Maps - India and the 13 colonies. Principal cities. Color.
e) Brief description of the allies (Gandhi’s were the press, some ministers and wealthy liberals in Europe and the US).
f) Description of the issues that led to the conflict (ex: salt tax, unfair landlords, the massacre by soldiers at Amritsar).
g) Strategies of warfare (ex: non-violence, use of press, use of courts).
h) Documentation (use “according to“ at the end of the first and second paragraphs).
i) Snacky title and explanatory subtitle.

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