Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Talent Show 2011, CMHS: Fri, Nov 30, 6:30 pm, PAC

Talent Show 2011, CMHS
Originally uploaded by trudeau
Class of 2011 production team . . .
Victoria Wade—“Heaven” dance
Rachael Trafford—String duo
Daniel McFarland—String duo
Joy Shan—piano part of “Hey Jude”
Steven Cox—“Hey Jude”
Karen Ezelle—acoustic on “Hey Jude” and “Realize”
Erin Davis—“What is This Feeling”, “Realize”
Emma-Claire Hughes—backup on “Good Morning Baltimore”
Rachel Carson—backup on “Good Morning Baltimore”
Lindsey Griffith—“Who Knew?” on acoustic
Thomas Carter—“Cancion”
Nick Tingle—Rock guitar medley
Rebecca Gorham—“Good Morning Baltimore”
Tori Smith— Henry skit
Monica Reans—Henry skit

Camry Smith—Stage crew
Sedia Williams—Stage crew
Maya Hudson—Stage crew
Octavis Johnson—Stage crew
Jessica Jackson—Stage crew
Codi Cummings—Stage Art
Jessica Cruzan—Stage Art
Emma Meek—Stage Art
Joy Shan—Stage Art
Rachel Carson—Stage Art
Elissa Little—Light and Sound board
Bitsy Hamiter—Light and Sound board
Matthew Giglio—Stage crew
Alex Morgan—Stage crew
Laykin Smith, Stage crew
Adam Garcia—Stage Art
Rebecca Gorham—Stage Art

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