Sunday, November 25, 2007

More guidelines for participants in the Freshman Talent Show

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Please note these recommendations for the auditions and rehearsals at the week-long work sessions for the coming show:

* Sit respectfully in the PAC front rows until you are called to stage.

* MC candidates are asked to prepare by writing out specific skit dialogue.

* Skits and intros must follow a written script. Ad libbing an intro does not fit the goals of this show.

* In scripting, this show will avoid mock fights, mock anger and mock frustration. There are many ways to avoid these script defaults.

* Diction - the art of speaking clearly - will be an emphasis of this show. Rushed dialogue is to be avoided. Success will come through practice.

* Stage presence is largely about
a) placing yourself close to the audience at stage front and
b) not turning your back on the audience while speaking.

* The show needs a witty video; got suggestions?

* Students may be given permission to go to the lobby for prep work by the sponsors. Too much activity in the lobby leads to chaos, yes?

* Since onlookers may slow the preparation process, they are asked to sit quietly in the back of the PAC main audience seating. Students unable to watch quietly may be asked to wait elsewhere.

Scroll down for more guidelines, please.

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