Sunday, August 29, 2010

Project on the Five Themes of Geography as they apply to Shreveport

Students will add color to a one-sheet project based on a map of Shreveport-Bossier that includes notes illustrating The 5 Themes of Geography and the municipality of Shreveport. In group work students will also compose 9 multiple-choice questions based on the 5 Themes material. Include answers. Up to 5 pts to be awarded in class.

* Location
- Relative Location - Shreveport is 3 hours east of Dallas. It is 4 hours drive north of Houston. It is also over 6 hours drive north of New Orleans.
- Absolute Location - Shreveport: 32N, 94W

* Place
- Human Characteristics - Shreveport's population is about 51% African-American and 47% Caucasian.
- Physical Characteristics - Shreveport is part of the Gulf Coastal Plain and the valley of the Red River.

* Human-Environmental Interactions
- Humans adapt to the environment - much of the year is hot and humid. Might that be why the city has relatively few sidewalk cafe tables?
- Humans modify the environment - the edge of the Red River is marked by casinos, Riverview Park and the Fant Parkway bike trail.

- Humans depend on the environment - Shreveport's water supply is Cross Lake. Bossier's water supply is the Red River.

* Movement
- People - Shreveport's indigenous population was forced out of the region in the mid 1800's. The Caddo mostly re-settled in Oklahoma.
- Goods - Until recently the GM Hummer was manufactured in Shreveport.
- Ideas - Tax incentives offered by the state have drawn Hollywood movie productions to Shreveport.

* Regions
- Formal - The state of Louisiana.
- Functional - NW La.
- Vernacular (perceptual) - the Bible Belt.

More examples of the 5 Themes here.