Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Looking historically at the name "Caddo" - a diagnostic quiz

1841 Arrowsmith map
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The Caddo in 4 States quiz -

- concepts in social studies
- using context to enrich your vocabulary

1. "Confederacy:" a) organized group b) rebels c) native Americans.
2. "cohesive tribe:" a) conflicted b) sticking together c) diminishing
3. Ozark Mountains: a) southern Arkansas b) northern Arkansas
4. Nacogdoches and Natchitoches were names that came from the: a) settlers
b) native peoples c) we are not sure of the source.
5. This article implies that the Caddo consumed ___ protein. a) much b) little
6. "Kadohadacho" were tribal peoples also known as the a) Hasinai b) Natchitoches c) Caddo.
7. "Decimated" means a) measured b) destroyed c) aided by.
8. The Ohio Valley tribe that overpowered the Caddo: a) Iroquois b) Hasinai c) Osage.
9. In 1836, one year after the founding of Shreve Town, aka Shreveport, the Republic of __ proclaimed freedom from the vast nation of Mexico.
a) Texas b) Oklahoma c) the United States.
10. T / F The name "Texas" comes from the Spanish language term for "friend."
11. "August" has a meaning beyond (see the title of this article) the name of the 8th month: a) high in status b) warm to hot c) small to medium-sized.