Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Spaceship Earth teaching project

Teaching a lesson in latitude and longitude / the Spaceship Earth teaching project
6 pts
Due Th, Fri, Sept 2, 3.

- Using your Spaceship Earth sheet, teach a person review of latitude and longitude.
- Your pupil might be a sibling, a parent, a peer, a child or an adult.

- Identify the equator and prime meridian.
- Sailors, pilots and the makers of GPS (Global Positioning System) devices are among those who depend on this grid system.
- After explaining the coordinate system, have the student add a line of both latitude and longitude to your map.
- Show your student the coordinates for Shreveport on the map: 32N, 94W.
- Ask your student to place these major cities using only the coordinates.
New York City: 40N, 74W
Paris: 49N, 2E
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: 23S, 43W
Johannesburg, South Africa: 26S, 28E

Complete the project by getting your
- signature,
- status (3rd graders, mom, uncle, etc) and
- occupation (student, etc),

Be prepared to stand and make a brief presentation to the class when the assignment is due.