Friday, August 27, 2010

Spaceship earth: teaching and using the system of coordinates that we call latitude and longitude

Teaching coordinates and Spaceship Earth

1. Color, cut and paste globes of lat. and long. from p. 5, textbook.
- Identify sample coordinates; see the terms parallel and meridian.
- Use the globes as part of your Spaceship Earth Teaching Project.

2. Great Circle route sketches, p 6.

3. What's distorted on a Mercator projection? Is a Robinson projection
more accurate than a Mercator? Why?

4. Making our own Atlantic Hurricane Tracking map
- refer to WG, p. 28 and p. 63. Identify -

S America
North Amer

Gulf Stream
North Atlantic Current
Canary Current
Equatorial Current (N Equatorial and S Equatorial)

Read about the Coriolis Effect on prevailing winds.

5 themes of geography . . .

Location of the people? Manhattan
Character of the place? Island at confluence of
Interaction of people and the place?
Movement of people, goods and ideas?
Comparison of places: how are they similar and how different?