Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Quiz on the background of the Caddo peoples

Caddo Quiz / geography / Trudeau

1. The name for the state of __ used by one of the tribes of the Caddo nation has come into widespread use. a) Louisiana b) Mississippi c) Texas d) Oklahoma
2. The home of the Caddo today: a) Louisiana b) Mississippi c) Texas d) Oklahoma
3. The first European explorer to visit the Caddo: a) Iberville b) DeSoto
c) Bienville d) Nacogdoches.
4. Principal nations involved in colonization: a) France & Spain b) France & England c) Spain & England.
5. The Caddo were devastated by diseases brought by the colonials. Another word for devastated: a) damned b) defiled c) dislocated
d) decimated.
6. Which group first invaded the Caddo lands? a) Osage b) US troops c) European colonists d) Choctaw.
7. Based on the sound and appearance of the word, the term Anglo must refer to the settlers from a) England b) Spain c) France d) Germany.
8. Was the date of the Louisiana Purchase before or after the US treaty with the Caddo? a) before b) after c) both.
9. One of Louisiana's neighbors was classified as a separate and foreign nation during the 1800s. That was a) Alabama b) Texas c) Arkansas d) Mississippi.

Please see the reading on which these questions are based:

1. Texas 2. Oklahoma 3. DeSoto 4. France & Spain 5. decimated
6. Osage 7. England (see the ngl sound) 8. before 9. Texas