Sunday, August 22, 2010

World Geography additional text: The 2009 World Almanac Notebook Atlas by Hammond Atlas Corp

With the help of the local Barnes & Noble staff, I have decided on requiring of my World Geography students the 2009 World Almanac Notebook Atlas (Hammond) by Hammond World Atlas Corporation.

It costs $6.95 at full price.

Barnes & Noble has plenty of store and warehouse stock. You might be able to order it online for the equivalent price or at a savings. Please investigate.

The reasons for requiring an additional atlas:
a) the textbook maps are useful but not as large and detailed as these.
b) the data in the textbook was compiled some 12 years ago.
c) the paperback atlas represents a family resource - it encourages quick use in researching material from TV, movies, books, magazines and discussions.

Please secure the book asap. My extended deadline will be Sept 6.