Saturday, October 09, 2010

California Dreamin' / Summary quiz

California Dreamin' / summary quiz / Trudeau

1. California has about 5 times the number of people as Louisiana. T / F
2. The "snowy mountains:" a) Sierra Nevada b) Rocky Mtns. c) Coast
Range d) Yosemite Valley.
3. In California’s southeasternmost region is a large empty quarter.
No mountains, no municipalities. That area must be a) Death Valley b)
Nevada c) San Joaquin Valley d) the Mojave desert.
4. Californians have developed the high tech center called Silicon
Valley despite the few institutions of higher learning in the state.
T / F
5. River which connects California to Mexico: a) Sacramento b)
Colorado c) Rio Grande d) San Diego.
6. Southern California has one of the most desirable types of climate:
a) Mediterranean b) Humid Subtropical c) Continental d) Mountain.
7. Orange County, Marin County, Hollywood, Venice: what they have in
common is __.
a) affluence b) high tech industry c) entertainment industry d)
agricultural excellence.
8. He founded the conservationist Sierra Club: a) Ansel Adams b) Juan de Portola c) John Muir d) Jerry Garcia.
9. The Silicon Valley-based founder of Apple, Inc: a) Steve Jobs b)
Bill Gates c) Larry Page d) Mark Zuckerberg.
10. The Silicon Valley-based founder of Facebook: a) Steve Jobs b)
Bill Gates c) Larry Page d) Mark Zuckerberg.

11. Iranian-American Pierre Omidyar founded a) eBay b) Myspace c)
Friendster d) Netflix.
12. Sacramento is not part of Silicon Valley but the region does
include San Jose and Santa Cruz. T / F
13. Greater Los Angeles includes Hollywood, Santa Monica, Santa
Barbara and Venice. T / F
14. Which city would be more likely to celebrate and appreciate Dia de
los Muertos? a) San Diego b) Sacramento c) Seattle.
15. California is a minority-majority state. Asians, African-Americans
and Hispanics make up 57% of the state population. Geography students have studied a majority-minority city. it would be a) Mexico City b)
Shreveport c) St Louis d) Seattle.
16. Shreveport and Los Angeles are very close in one of these numbers: a) latitude b) longitude c) per cent of ethnic minorities
d) number of movies made in the past year.

1. false 2. Sierra Nevada 3. Mojave 4. false 5. Colorado R
6. Mediterranean 7. affluence 8. Muir 9. Jobs
10. Zuckerberg 11. eBay 12. true 13. false
14. San Diego 15. Shreveport 16. latitude
Answers were found in either World Geography, class notes, class notes and articles or the atlas.
Or by social studies-minded deduction.