Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sources of US wealth? Extensive resources and more

Magnet geo: US resources
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Students take brief notes on the World Geo section on US Resources, pp 127 - 131.
Teacher guides individuals in the skill of brevity in note-taking.

Farming, forests, minerals, fossil fuels, transportation, communications, democracy/free enterprise, rugged individualism.

Students create a graphic-based study guide on US resources, based on the text, notes and class discussion. Use US map (w Canada, Mexico, other neighbors).

Symbols: coal, wheat, cotton & corn, ships (import-export), petroleum, solar & wind collectors, railroads and autos, the US capitol.

Add NYC: entertainment, finance, media.

Silicon Valley names: Jobs, Page & Brin, Omidyar, Zuckerberg. Plus Gates.
Add Google engineer Andy Rubin, dev of the Android smart phone. Compare to iPhone.
Prediction is 5 billion of planet will have access to smart phones in next decade; Newsweek.

Resources unlimited in future. Ex: tires made from organic materials instead of petroleum!

What is the resource that empowers the Silicon Valley entrepreneurs?
Harvard-Stanford-Magnet education.

Evaluation: brief paragraph on what makes America a successful unit in the world.