Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Magnet Quiz, 9/15: 5 themes of Geography and S-B geography

5 themes of Geography
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The Magnet geography quiz / Trudeau

1. British (d)
2. false
3. Riverscape (b)
4. Human adaptation (d)
5. Movement (c)
6. Fant (c)
7. Teague (b)
8. Larkin Edwards (c)
9. treaty with the Caddo (b)
10. Travis (b)
11. Stoner Hill (a)
12. Larkin Edwards (d)
13. false

1. The widespread use of the term "WC" is the product of cultural diffusion, or spreading. The nationality that broadcast the term was the one with a vast empire in the 17th through the 19th centuries. That would be the a) French b) Germans c) Greeks d) British.
2. Bee populations in the US have been dropping precipitously (severely). The principal difficulty lies in the huge loss of honey production. T / F
3. The name of the housing development that will be constructed adjacent to Magnet: a) Stoner Parkway b) Riverscape c) Coates Bluff d) Bayou Pierre.
4. Trees and air conditioning units have allowed Shreveport-Bossier to cope with the humid subtropical climate. That would be an example of a) Human dependency on the environment b) Movement of people c) Human characteristics of place. d) Human adaptation to the environment.
5. The state of Shreveport-Bossier's indigenous peoples define a) Human characteristics of Place b) Physical characteristics of place c) Movement of people d) Vernacular regions.
6. Human-environment interaction: a) S-B Land b) Gulf Coastal Plain c) Fant Parkway d) indigenous people expelled from the area.
7. Barksdale AFB is closest to a) Caddo Magnet HS b) Teague Parkway c) Youree Dr. d) VA Medical Center.
8. Coates Bluff Nature Trail is in its infancy. It derives its pathway from a) a river bed b) a line connecting 3 schools: Montessori for Shreveport, Stoner Hill Elementary and Caddo Magnet HS c) pioneer Larkin Edwards d) the work of Henry Miller Shreve.
9. Not one of Shreve's achievements: a) steam boat design b) treaty with the Caddo c) design for dual-hull snag boat d) investor in Shreve Town.
10. A Shreveport street that honors the heroes of the Texas battle at the Alamo: a) Edwards b) Travis c) Caddo d) Market.

11. Before there was a Shreve Town there was a community around the McLeod & Carr store at a promontory (high land) called Coates Bluff. That was located on what is now a) Stoner Hill b) VA Medical Center c) Montessori for Shreveport d) Bayou PIerre.
12. The pioneer who was a diplomat and Caddo interpreter in this area: a) Bushrod Jenkins b) Henry Miller Shreve c) Angus McNeil d) Larkin Edwards.
13. Chinese dragons jealously guard their treasure in caves; they have been known to attack those who threaten them with fire and magic. T / F