Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to ace geography in the second half of the semester

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Your teacher expects you to

- Read the class blog,, on a regular basis. Reading it every day is the ideal.

- Either print out (in the school library if all else fails) or take careful notes on the readings. Use a highlighter on the notes!

- This will prepare you well for the almost-weekly quizzes. Each open-notes quiz puts an emphasis on the blog notes.

- Read each quiz question carefully. Take your time. Use textbook, atlas, dictionary and notes, as needed.

- Follow up the quiz by reading the past quizzes - and the answers - on the class blog. Analyze your errors.

- Indie work is an option each week. You may earn up to 10 pts per week by submitting a comparison essay to See and follow the comparison essay guidelines to maximize your points.

If there's a topic that interests you, email me for permission to pursue it.

- Keep your notes and projects in your notebook. Bring atlas and notes to class every day.

- Questions? Do not hesitate to ask questions via