Monday, October 18, 2010

Getting to know Chicago and comparing it to Los Angeles

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Have these materials ready to be scored - at 10 pts - and used on a quiz during our next class.

The basic geography student's questions should be -

Why study Chicago?
Why is the Windy City so important?
What makes it different from NYC and LA?

Our project - on paper - will comprise

T-bar comparison pages
a) Cultural Cues
- music,
- foods and
- arts of Chicago and Los Angeles
b) Resources
- physical geography (rivers, lakes, etc)
- human resources (immigrants, demographic proportions)
c) Images of Chicago and LA
- 3 of each.
d) Twelve questions on landmarks of LA and Chicago.
ex: "The Windy City." answer: a) Chicago
e) Social forces
- Prohibition-era organized criminals of Chicago vs recent organized criminals of Los Angeles Venice area: Crips and Bloods

Please add a sketched map of Chicago and the state of Illinois. Inlcude L Michigan and the Miss R, too.