Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Windy City and the Midwest quiz

The American Midwest / Trudeau

1. The great rivers of the Midwest: a) Mississippi River b) Miss, Ohio
c) Miss, Ohio, Missouri d) Miss, Ohio, Missouri, Tenn.
2. The great cities of the Midwest: a) Chicago, Detroit, Memphis, St Louis, Minneapolis b) Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Milwaukee
c) Chicago, Indianapolis, Kansas City, Omaha.
3. The correct order: a) Ontario, Erie, Huron, Michigan b) Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario c) Ontario, Huron, Michigan, Superior d) Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario.
4. Most of the Midwestern cities are on the shores of lakes a) Michigan, Ontario
b) Ontario, Superior c) Erie, Huron d) Michigan, Erie.
5. The Mississippi R. connects with the Gulf of Mexico; the Great Lakes connect with the Atlantic Ocean. T / F
6. Los Angeles has rock, folk, Chicano music (Mexican), hip-hop and symphonies. Chicago has little music to compare. T / F
7. Chicago is known for severe winters and its nickname is The Windy City. That implies that the climate must be a) humid continental b) Mediterranean c) subtropical.
8. Chicago hot dogs famously include a dash of a) Louisiana hot sauce b) mayo & ketchup c) celery salt d) jalapeno peppers.
9. Chicago ethnicity: 39.9 % white, 54.6% African American, 27.8 % Hispanic. T / F
10. The name Chicago is from a) French traders b) indigenous people
c) Englishmen, during the British Empire.
11. Chicago and Shreveport are pretty close in a) climate b) founding date
c) latitude d) longitude.
12. Chicago's metro population is approximately a) 4 M b) 10 M c) 15 M d) 21 M.
13. City at 41N, 81W: a) Chicago b) Cleveland c) Minneapolis d) St Louis.
14. The inexpensive nature of Americans' soft drinks, medicines and paint is principally due to plants grown in the a) Midwest b) South c) California and the Pacific rim.
15. One of the major manufacturers of Detroit was Ford, whose brands included
a) Lincoln, Mercury, Edsel, Thunderbird b) Corvette, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac
c) Dodge, Plymouth, Jeep, Chrysler.
16. Based in Chicago: a) Walmart b) Kmart c) Sears d) Target.
17. Not associated with Chicago: a) Oprah b) Muddy Waters c) John H. Johnson
d) Enrico Fermi e) Ronald McDonald.
18. In the US population the largest groups are white, 80%, African-American, 13%,
and Hispanic, 15%. T / F