Sunday, August 12, 2012

World Geography / Robert E Trudeau at Caddo Magnet High

World Geography at Caddo Magnet High under Robert E Trudeau

Bienvenue! Geography class at Magnet is a place for establishing best practices for teens in thinking, writing and classroom life.

First, there is the class blog: Updated each day, the blog is designed to help parent, student and teacher have a common ground in class notes, homework, tests and assignments.

The basic and steady homework assignment for all my students is Read the Blog - because quizzes and tests will be based largely on material found there.

Additionally, students are encouraged to cut and paste the academic material from the blog into a document that will be printed and brought to the classroom each class.

Open notes quizzes and tests are the dominant format for evaluation in my class. This style puts the emphasis on information management and reading comprehension.

Almost all days the class begins with a brief quiz based on the material from the prior class or the prior unit.

Brief essays written in class will be a steady feature of this class. As an avid writer, it is my pleasure to emphasize well-organized, grammatically-correct written communication.

Indie Work (independent) is what I call the additional writing that a student can submit to bolster their grade and pursue success in an individualized way. Students and parents appreciate flexibility in a class that is focused upon individual students rather than on a program.

Two requirements:
a) a $5 fee to pay the bus transportation that enables field trips. Soon the school will open a system enabling parents to pay fees electronically. Please do not send money until the program is announced.
b) a paperback atlas, the Merriam-Webster Notebook Atlas ($4.95 at Barnes & Noble, Spt). It will be required for and used in each class session.

Special features in my enriched classes include
- Nature Walks, taken as an academic activity; I use the delightful and safe Coates Bluff Nature Trail adjacent to the campus.
- Class meals; they are special occasions in which students bring cold food to share as part of our academic program.

Communication between parent and teacher is a strong component in ensuring success for the student.

Please do not hesitate to email me at or my faculty address: My phone is 318-272-6045 and I do have a text plan.

By the way, I currently have a 16 year-old son at Magnet, and share your concerns with academics and teen life. I also am parent to 3 grown children and have 2 grandchildren.