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China review and Essay skills

Taipei 101 in Chinese New Year
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China review / geography / Trudeau

1. Most populous Chinese city: a) Shanghai b) Hong Kong c) Beijing d) Xian.
2. China’s southernmost city: ) Shanghai b) Hong Kong c) Beijing d) Xian.
3. Once China’s capital was the city of Xian. Today its place has been taken by ) Shanghai b) Hong Kong c) Beijing d) Xian.
4. City that is the site of the Buried Army of Shi Hung Di: ) Shanghai b) Hong Kong c) Beijing d) Xian.
5. Known as the Huang river: a) Yellow b) Pearl c) Yangtze.
6. Known as the Chang river: a) Yellow b) Pearl c) Yangtze.
7. Not part of a peninsula: a) Korea b) Vietnam c) Taiwan d) Thailand.
8. The least-populated part of China: a) Tibet b) Mongolia c) East China Sea coast d) Yellow Sea region.

9. Not an ancient technological innovation of the Chinese: a) compass b) telescope c) paper d) gunpowder.
10. Multi-story tower: a) koi b) carp c) dalai lama d) pagoda.
11. The rate at which US students drop out of school is about 20%, says a schools policy institute. T / F
12. The world’s tallest building is the Taipei 101. It is in the earthquake-prone nation of a) China b) South Korea c) Malaysia d) Taiwan.
13. Differentiation between words in the Chinese language is based on a) vowels b) tones c) characters d) dialects.
14. The first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang Di, opposed the teachings of a) Buddha b) Yin & yang c) Confucius
d) Dalai Lama.
15. Maui is south of Oahu. T / F
16. Pearl Harbor is on the island of a) Kaui b) Honolulu c) Maui d) Oahu.

17. Not an archipelago: a) Afghanistan
b) Japan c) Philippines d) Indonesia.
18. Island on which you will find 3 nations: a) Borneo b) Hainan c) Taiwan d) Indonesia.
19. The southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is almost exactly on the imaginary line known as the Tropic of Capricorn. T / F
20. Not a neighbor of China:
a) Kazakhstan b) Bangladesh c) Bhutan d) Laos.
21. The eastern regions of China are mountainous but the western regions lack mountains. T / F
22. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos:
a) Southeast Asia b) Indonesia c) East Asia d) Central Asia.
23. The population of Hawaii is about 4 times larger than that of Louisiana (pre-Katrina). T / F
24. The Great Wall was an attempt to defend China from the people of
a) Mongolia b) Indochina c) Japan d) India.
25. 20th century political leader who brought communism to one billion people: a) Mao Zedong b) Ho Chi Minh
c) Qin Shi Huang Di d) Sergey Brin.


Essay skills -
Generalities to be followed by a specific statement:

1. The Vietnam war was lengthy.
- For the US it lasted from 1954 to 1973.
2. The Vietnam war resulted in many deaths among the young US soldiers.
- Some 60,000 were killed.
3. The US was helped in the Vietnam struggle by several allies.
- Canadian and Australian troops fought alongside us.
4. Ho Chi Minh had support from other communist nations.
- Russia and China sent weapons and gave other aid to the North Vietnamese during the war.
5. In 1954 Vietnam became a divided nation.
- The communists controlled North Vietnam; South Vietnam remained democratic.
6.Some 5 presidents presided over US troops being sent to Vietnam.
- They were Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon.
7. The Vietnam war became unpopular as the years went by.
- War protests peaked around 1968 with a demonstration in Washington, DC, that drew 250,000 marchers.