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Sample test on the life of Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi's Statue -- 2
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Gandhi and India

1. Gandhi’s first success in protest work took place in the nation of ____ _____.
2. One of Gandhi’s legal tacks was to assert that Indians were due rights since they were ____ subjects.
3. Gandhi’s strategy called for using the principles of the ________ religion.
4. He also knew that two institutions in British life would be helpful to his movement for fairness to Indians: the British ______ system, and the free ____ of England.
5. Gandhi was assassinated by a fanatic from the ____ religion. “Bapu” (Hindi nickname: “father”) was 78 years old.
6. One of his principal issues was increased tolerance between the primary religious sects of India: ___ and ___.

7. In 1919 a British general brought his troops to the site of a peaceful meeting in a Sikh temple courtyard. When the incident was over some 400 defenseless people were ____.
8. After 1920 Gandhi began a campaign against the British domination of the textiles sold in India. From that point he was usually photographed with a basic implement called a ____ ____.

9. In 1930 Gandhiji led a 240 mile march to the sea. He was protesting the British tax on the food-related substance: ____.
10. In the protests he led Gandhi emphasized a) creative violence b) non-violence.
11. Gandhi was born in Porbandar, by the shores of the ______ Sea.
12. During WWII, 1939 - 1945, Gandhi was sympathetic to British war needs and ceased his protest work. T / F
13. Gandhi did not want to see India separated in 1947. Nonetheless the vast nation was partitioned. Muslims were given the new nations of ______ and _____.
14. Few leaders have effectively reached out to a chaotic society like Gandhi did in the 1930’s and 40’s. When all of his appeals failed he touched the masses of India by undertaking a personal ____.
15. His principal journey outside of India in search of freedom for India was to a home rule conference in _______.

1. South Africa 2. British 3. Christian 4. legal, speech 5. Hindu
6. Hindu, Muslim 7. murdered 8. spinning wheel 9. salt
10. b) non-violence 11. Arabian Sea 12. False
13. Pakistan, Bangladesh 14. fast 15. London, England