Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Semester exam: 100 mult-choice questions answered on Scantron sheets, open notes

The semester exam will follow the pattern of the weekly work of this class:

Multiple choice questions, emphasis on info management skills via Open notes format.

There will be 100 questions. Pencil mandatory: students will pencil in a mark for each answer on a Scantron sheet.

Some 70 questions will be drawn from the prior tests as found on the web site. Most of the answers are posted - not necessarily on the same page as the quiz. I will, indeed, post the remaining answers by this weekend.

The final 30 questions will be on our final units as seen on the web site:
Wash, DC
"Not One Less"

Independent work will, as usual, be limited to one submission per week. See new topics below or submit your own topic for my approval.

Note on the illustration:
This bronze lionesse ( or "Fu Dog" ) guards the entrance to the throne room of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Fu Dogs always come in pairs. They are mythical creatures with horns on the head of a lion, scales upon the body of a deer, and a tail consisting of little curls.