Saturday, December 02, 2006

Objective accomplished: Class of 2010 Talent Show 06

Class of 2010 talent Show
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They made money for the class fund, made new friends, developed their skills, tried out new roles, worked at problem solving and human relations, learned about timing and responsibility and, in the process, produced a successful stage show. We are discussing the 40-odd students who spent a week (many of them spent much more time) producing the freshman extravaganza called Talent Show 06.

Producers: Diana Hock and Megan Shay.
Tech crew: Mac Orchard, Eric Coleman, Matt McHugh, Lauren Monroe, Andrew Delo, Phillipe Dentino.
Set design & Art: Mason Nabors, Michael Dai.
Production & acting: Maggie Caruthers, Meredith Cupp, Mason Nabors, Kaylah Williams, Elizabeth Burford, Alyssa Coggins, Andrew Delo, Eric Coleman.
Performers: Susan Beresko, Rachel Young, Claire Crosby, Anthony Fabio, Katy Li, Michelle Khare, Caroline Germany, Doug Pierce, Brooke Hightower, Diana Hock, Kaitlin Williams, Anvesh Kompelli, Philippe Dentino, Megan Sahy, Hali Kha, John Henry Crawford.
Pony Express JV Danceline: Brooke Hightower, Mattie Lewis, Shaneau Richardson, Devin Sibley, Alexis Stennis, Chelsea Fields, Leslie Justice.
Sponsors: Robert Trudeau, Paul Flowers, Pamela Anderson, Amanda Hock, Morgan Franklin.
Judges: Jodie Glorioso, Dan Anderson.
Student judges: Dante, Maysa & Cherish.