Sunday, December 03, 2006

Why study China: WalMart, US Army, Guitars, Outsourcing, etc.

Longmen, China
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Our Giant Girlfriend, China

The new vs. the old China via the classic movie: "Not One Less"

- Ancient China: Emperor Shi Huang Di and the Great Wall.
- The Imperial City / Forbidden City.
- History of technology and the Chinese.
- Chinese art and cultural influence.
- Why China has suffered decades of poverty.
- Mao Zedong and the Communist era.
- How China has accomplished its Great Leap Forward.
- US-Chinese relations.
- Shanghai and Hong Kong, Chinese dragons.
- Taiwan, the Republic of China.

Independent comparisons -

1. Shanghai & Hong Kong
2. Shi Huang Di and Louis XIV
3. Mao Zedong and Lenin
4. Chinese dog breeds vs. European breeds
5. Chinese printing press and Johann Gutenberg.
6. Gunpowder & ancient rocketry and the modern rocket.