Sunday, December 31, 2006

Second semester overview: from the Land of the Rising Sun to the sunset of the Spanish Inquisition

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Second semester in world geography -

Skills to be emphasized -

* Scientific method: as demonstrated in a brief but well-reasoned social studies fair-type project. Question / hypothesis / evidence gathering / conclusion / evaluation / synopsis.
* Essay guidelines: colorful opening, generalities & evidence,
* Effective lighting & composition in photography.
* Effective lighting & audio in video production.
* Assembling a personal portfolio / resume.
* Analysis of issues as portrayed in editorial cartoons.
* Use of charts, diagrams, graphs in geographic communications.
* Analysis in migrations and demographic trends.
* Description & analysis in natural resources.
* Description in physical systems: rifts, biosphere, hydrosohere, lithosphere, earthquakes.
* Analysis of diplomacy and warfare in world affairs.
* Assessment & analysis of economic systems.
* Evaluation of environmental issues and solutions.

Units -

* Photography in the social sciences.
* Scientific method and social studies research.
* Japan: culture and historic impact. Technology and trends.
* Africa: resources & issues across the continent.
* West Africa and its influence on American culture.
* Greece: classical history and influences on the US.
* Russia: contemporary global impact and history.
* Germany: relationship with the US via history and technology.
* France: art, cuisine and contemporary role.
* L'Italia: the influence of the Roman Empire and Christian church.
* Britain: democracy, the press, language & the empire.
* Spain: the impact of the empire on global affairs.