Friday, January 05, 2007

Shibboleths: hip word or catchphrase used by particular groups

Bernard, our gregarious mailman.
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Under the category of sociology or anthropology in composing a social studies scientific method paper (SSSMP), I've suggested an investigation of a shibboleth. Two of my first hour students suggested the term "ballin." I found an assortment of explanations of this slang phrase under the See more below:

1. ballin
1.) To play basketball.
2.) Living in affluence/wealth.

(Using the word in a coherent, non-ebonics sentence) He called me up and told me he was ballin, but I later found out he was cheating on me.

2. ballin
Livin the good life

"Im still ballin" (im still livin the good life)

3. Ballin
1) To play Basketball (B-Ball)
2) To live a rich, uperclass life after growing up a poor - ghetto - low class life ; To perform illegal or shady actions to make and/or keep money (not always rich)

"I'm ballin for the money"

4. ballin
1. To be well respected, high in status, wealthy; a "player".
2. To preform in the act of playing basketball.

Check out those rims, hommie. He be ballin.

5. ballin
Living a life of extreme wealth and flaunting it. Sadly enough, young people from not so wealthy families think its cool to blow off thousands of dollars on jewlry and clothes instead of trying to move out of the ghetto and finding a better way of life.

lil' joe is ballin' wit dat phat gold chain and ice.(too bad he spent all of his momma's hidden stash buying it).

6. ballin
1. n): To play basketball
2) adj): One who is in a state of being extremely rich and likes to show off how rich he is.

Master P is ballin with all his money.