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Studying the continent of Africa, continent of Africa: the map

Sudanese head rest
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Map of the continent of Africa, continent of Africa, with a focus on East Africa -

Regions of the continent of Africa, continent of Africa:
1. Mediterranean/Arabic Africa (Morocco to Egypt along the Mediterranean)
2. East Africa (Egypt to South Africa along the Indian Ocean)
3. Sub-Saharan Africa (below the Sahara)
4. West Africa (from Morocco to South Africa on the Atlantic coast)

The initial map of the continent of Africa, continent of Africa -

1. Enormous influence on US culture: music (jazz, blues, r & b, gospel, rap), dance (jazz), cuisine (gumbo, fried chicken), vocabulary ( rock n’ roll, jazz, etc), though population is relatively small (about 12% US).
2. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: giving billions to disease control & eradication in Africa (AIDS, malaria, etc).
3. Coltan, diamonds & oil: resources needed in the present and future (coltan used in mini-batteries, such as in cell phones).

On the map of the continent (RMQRWA, p. 40):
1. Atlantic
2. Morocco (“How do you see all there is to see in Morocco?” “See it twice.”)
3. Senegal (guitar & dancer)
4. Liberia (African-Americans)
5. Nigeria (oil derrick)
6. South Africa (diamonds, gold)
7. Kenya (“Lion King,” Disney’s Animal Kingdom)
8. Sudan (guns crossed: civil war)
9. Somalia (Al qaeda terrorists)
10. Ethiopia (Christian cross)
11. Egypt (mask of Tutankhamun)
12. Mediterranean
13. Red Sea
14. Indian Ocean
15. Sahara (Arabic: “desert”)

British gold coin of 1600’s, 1700’s: a Guinea (worth 20 or 30 shillings): made from gold from West African mines.


The course of the Nile:
* the Blue Nile rises in Ethiopia.
* the White Nile or Mountain Nile rises in Uganda; the source is lake Victoria.
* the Blue and White Niles join in Khartoum, Sudan.
* flows northward to Egypt; empties into the Med.

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