Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Topics for Brief Reports on the continent of Africa, continent of Africa

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Brief reports to be delivered Th & Fri. 10 pts each.
Typed (one page, one illustration) or in Powerpoint (5 images, plus brief script)
documentation: 2 sources

African gold mines
diamond mines / DeBeers Co.
Ashanti tribe
Youssou n ’Dour
Atlantic slave trade Europeans
Atlantic slave trade Africans
King Mansa Musa
King Ibn Battuta
Ethiopian Christianity
Timbuktu / Toumbouctou
W. Af. gold mines
Nubia & the historic Nubians
Egyptians: Pharaoh Ramses II, Ramses the Great
Exploration of the Nile
Nigeria / oil
Morocco / crossroads
Swahili / Lion King
Gates Foundation activities in Africa
AIDS in Africa
South Africa
Mt Kilimanjaro
rift valley of East Africa
Origin of man in Africa
Cuisine of West Africa, esp. fu fu, cous cous, peanut stew

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