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Social Studies Scientific Method Paper

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Criteria for scoring of the scientific method paper:

* Clarity in stating the Question.

* Hypothesis reflects topic having been narrowed. Remember, if you could *write a book* on the topic, it is too broad. Confine the topic to a local and specific inquiry.

* Use Internal Documentation in each paragraph in the body of evidence. Internal Documentation comes in two forms:
1. using "according to . . . "
2. using parentheses (

* Anecdotal Evidence may be included, even though it cannot be considered high priority evidence. An anecdote is a story. It can be a helpful citation, if not convincing.

* Use an interview with a person who might be considered an expert.

* For the most part you are using evidence from what is called a Literature Review. That means you are not doing an experiment but are citing evidence already printed.

* In the Social Studies Fair Project, include as many graphs as you can develop or find.

* Media: in the SSFP you should add electronic media to get the greatest advantage. Example: a dvd player and monitor on which you show an interview with an expert.

Deadlines -
SSSMP: Wed, Jan 17 (2 typed pages, no title page, no visuals).
SSFP: Th, Jan 18 (set up in library before classes begin)

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