Friday, January 19, 2007

Underwater rifts: the Ring of Fire and basic geology; test Tuesday, Jan 23

The Rift
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Open notes quiz on the Ring of Fire material Tuesday.

While this illustration is of a rift valley in East Africa, the rifts of the Ring of Fire are on the Pacific floor.

Add to terms:
* convection
* subduction
* hydrology

Add to Ring of Fire map:
* Mt Fuji
* Mt St Helens
* Mauna Loa

Brief paragraph:
1) What might impinge on our lives from an event in the Ring of Fire region? In other words, what connection is there between Louisiana and the Ring of Fire region?
2) What physical and cultural factors connect the US and its cross-Pacific neighbor, Japan? Does Toyota or Nikon have a place in our discussion? "Spirited Away"? "Dragon Ball Z Cooler's Revenge?"

Independent work:
Research and compare the lives of explorer-author Thor Heyerdahl and archaeologist-author Louis HB Leakey.

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