Monday, October 26, 2009

Brazil: comparison research on a vibrant South American nation

Shuttle America Embraer 170
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Tues and Wed geography students will be researching Brazil and the US - in the library.

In a series of 10 images and bulleted notes students will compare the basic features of Brazil and the US. Again, the work will be done with a partner (not one you've worked with previously).

1. Vivid titling
2. detailed bibliography (not just at end.
3. You must use the sources and
4. image(s) on each slide.
5. Brief, very brief, bulleted info.
6. Include one map of Brazil (omit US); show great cities.
7. Save and submit via Google Doc.
8. Due Th. & Fri.; 15 pts.

1. Soccer / futbol
2. Non-soccer sports
3. Capoeira (folk dance)
4. Pop and folk dance
5. Cuisine
6. Crops and food
7. Musical styles & groups
8. Architecture
9. Life in the barrio
10. Wildlife
11. African culture in Brazil
12. Economy: coffee, soybeans, ethanol
13. Economy: aircraft, autos
14. Economy: textiles, shoes
15. Economy: tourism
16. Rio de Janeiro vs. NYC
17. Sao Paulo vs. Chicago
18. Ethnicity
19. Carnaval / Mardi Gras
20. Technology

Above: the regional jets (seats 40 to 50 passengers) used at airports like Shreveport's are mostly made in Brazil by Embraer, a Brazilian aerospace conglomerate.