Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mexico: the Tenochtitlan Quiz

Tenochtitlan Quiz / Geography / Trudeau

1. Found on the Baja Sur peninsula: a) Cabo San Lucas b) Mazatlan
c) Tijuana d) Acapulco.
2. A Dia de los muertos parody of a Mexican upper class female is referred to as
a) calacas b) Marigold c) Catrina d) Ciudad.
3. A Dia de los muertos altar, displaying offerings in honor of a deceased relative:
a) ofrendas b) calaveras c) pan de muertos d) a Mictecacihuatl.
4. The elements of the holiday Dia de los muertos reflects 2 cultural traditions: a) Aztec & Spanish b) Spanish & Mexican-American c) Texan & Mexican d) Pacifican & Caribbean.
5. The tradition of papel picado is derived from the a) Spanish b) indigenous c) French d) Mexican.

6. Chocolatl, the royal Aztec potion, is based upon a) currency b) corn flour c) chilies d) cacao bean.
7. The Aztec calendar: a) 365 days a year b) 360 days per year c) influenced the Roman calendar d) influenced the Mayan calendar.
8. In danger of over-harvesting: a) barracuda b) shark c) chiclets d) calacos.
9. Central America is also properly called a) North America b) South America c) Caribbean America d) Mesoamerica.
10. Pretty much the same place as Mexico City: a) Aztec calendar
b) Chocolatl c) Tenochtitlan d) Quetzalcoatl.
11. Cacophonous: a) densely populated b) harshly noisy c) roach-ridden d) shibboleth.