Monday, October 12, 2009

Mexico project Uno

Catedral, San Luis Potosí
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Students will demonstrate knowledge of geography and technology in using Google Docs to assemble, store and present reports on Mexico to the following standards -

Topics -
1. Border cities: Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez,
2. Mountain cities: Guadalajara, Monterrey
3. The capital: Mexico City, Distrito Federale
4. Resorts: Acapulco & Mazatlan
5. Baja Sur and Cabo San Lucas
6. The Aztec and Montezuma
7. Cortez and the conquistadors
8. Yucatan Peninsula and Merida
9. Resorts: Cancun and Cozumel
10. Dia de los Muertos

Each report will have bulleted (very brief) info and images (slides) as follows
1. landscape
2. architecture (2), both of the lavish and the modest
3. people (2), young and elderly
4. transportation, mass transit and personal
5. foods and cooking (a crop & a dish)(2)
6. traditional clothing and fiestas (2)
7. Manufacturing for the US (and world) market - from guitars to cars (2)

8. Map of Mexico, featuring your locations
9.Documentation (sources) at bottom of each image

In the illustration above: almost every Mexican city has a an impressive Catholic church in the heart of downtown, usually built upon the site of the pre-Christian worship center.