Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Spanish Empire project on Wed, Oct 21

Map of Spain
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Sketch maps of N. Amer, Central Amer, S Amer.
Sketch the Western edges of the continents of Europe and Africa.

Identify the principal elements of the Spanish Empire (identify nations, use color):
- Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela.
- Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Gatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico.
- Cuba, Haiti/Dominican Rep, Puerto Rico.
- California, Arizona, N mex, Texas.
- Espana, Portugal.
- Mauritania, Senegal, Guinea.

Arrows showing the movement of men and their cultures -
- Spain to Mexico, Central Amer and the Caribbean.
- West Africa, the slave trade, to the Caribbean and N Amer.

- decimate
- chocolatl
- Conquistador helmet
- au, ag
- maize, sugar cane
- European diseases