Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Review questions on Brazil

Living on the Amazon
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1. Which nation is larger in area? a) US or b) Brazil?
2. Brazil has approximately one third the population of the US. T / F
3. The population of Sao Paulo is almost the same as that of NYC. T / F
4. The population of Rio de Janeiro is significantly larger than that of Los Angeles.
T / F
5. In Brazil the word "Real" refers to a a) bank b) po-boy c) dollar d) member of the national futbol team.
6. Brazilians are a bit different from their neighbors inasmuch as they speak a) French b) Spanish c) Brasiliano d) Portuguese.
7. Recently, Brazil has discovered a considerable oil field in the mountainous region. T / F
8. Brazil's chief environmental problem continues to be a) deforestation
b) loss of crop land c) governmental bribery d) disappearance of the Amazon.
9. The national flag features a yellow __ on a green field. a) triangle b) rectangle
c) rhombus d) tetrahedron.
10. The orb on the flag refers to Brazil's a) aerospace technology
b) history of coastal navigation c) position in the Southern Hemisphere.