Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Semester Projects: Social Studies Fair Team & Topic; Social Studies Book Choice

Please place in a GoogleDoc entitled Semester Projects the following -

a) Social Studies Fair Team & Topic:
- names of students working together on this project
- title, problem and hypothesis of SS Fair project

* topic idea - Castles
* problem - How did castles develop into the turreted, tall stone structures that we know from Germany and England?
* hypothesis - Castles probably originated as primitive, simple and small structures and gradually evolved into the examples seen in 16th century Europe.
* research will be pursued in encyclopedias, books and online sites.
* conclusion - that castles originated in simple earthen walls around Roman army encampments and evolved into the motte-and-bailey design - which evolved into the castle that we see today.

b) Social Studies book -
* Title and author
* Brief summary
* Connection with European studies.

Deadline Fri, Oct 23.