Sunday, October 04, 2009

Oct 5 / this week: Canada vs Mexico

Canada vs Mexico
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To live through a study of Canada, essentially a boring nation, you've got to find some spice. That peppery edge will come from comparing Canada to Mexico, our other great neighbor on the continent of North America.

We shall use the chart employed in our recent US/Canada comparison -

1. The 3 most populous cities; rank & pop.
2. Land area (numbers rounded)
3. European nations that colonized.
4. Date of independence.
5. Type of government.
6. Languages.
7. Origin of name.
8. Earliest explorer.
9. Earliest European settlements.
10. National wealth: per capita income (PCI).
11. Principal industries (3 or 4).
12. Additional industries (4 more).
13. Status in regards petroleum.
14.Agricultural strengths.
15. Status in Minerals.
16. Principal ethnic groups.

Also enjoyable ways to compare -

a) cuisine
b) music
c) athletics
d) stereotypes
e) animals
f) movies, TV
g) arts & crafts

Indie work this week (up to 10 pts extra credit):
Research and compare - acc to comparison essay guidelines - any of the following -
* Cirque du Soleil and the Ballet Folklorico de Mexico
* Joni Mitchell and Carlos Santana
* Canadian and Mexican cuisine

Also available:
Powerpoint-type reports on the topics above worth up to 6 pts.