Thursday, October 08, 2009

The geography class Open Notes quiz is based on web site notes

Here's the recipe for success in this social studies class:

a) Your daily homework is to read the class blog. Your teacher updates it almost daily. He is presenting material he feels is important for your future.

b) Print out the class blog notes. If your home printer is not working, please print at the school library. It costs a bit of money, but it is a smart investment. Do you think it would be smart to have all those notes in a binder? I agree.

c) Read and highlight your notes at least once a week.

d) Practice your map work daily - as needed.

e) Look at the long-range projects:
- have you chosen a social studies fair project hypothesis and teammates?
- have you cleared a book title with your teacher for the book report due once each semester in enriched geography class?