Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Brazil, land of futbol / quiz & answers

Alex's grandad is in Brazil
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A 1. Which nation is larger in area? a) US or b) Brazil?
F 2. Brazil has approximately two thirds the population of the US. T / F
T 3. The population of Sao Paulo is within two million of the population of NYC. T / F
F 4. The population of Rio de Janeiro is significantly larger than that of Los Angeles. T / F
Void C 5. In Brazil the word "Real" refers to a a) bank b) po-boy c) dollar d) member of the national futbol team.
D 6. Brazilians are a bit different from their neighbors inasmuch as they speak a) French b) Spanish c) Brasiliano d) Portuguese.
Void F 7. Recently, Brazil has discovered a considerable oil field in the mountainous region. T / F
D 8. Brazil's chief environmental problem continues to be a) deforestation b) loss of crop land c) governmental bribery d) reduction of the Amazon rainforest.
C 9. The national flag features a yellow __ on a green field. a) triangle b) rectangle c) rhombus d) tetrahedron.
C 10. The orb on the flag refers to Brazil's a) aerospace technology
b) history of coastal navigation c) position in the Southern Hemisphere.
F 11. Patagonia is a wild and scenic region in the extreme south of Brazil. T / F