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Lawrence of Arabia study guide answers, numbers 62 - 86

Lawrence of Virginia
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See the list of Lawrence of Arabia study guide questions on the class blog for the questions. Here are more of the answers . . .

62. Guerrilla warfare, fighting by ambush, sabotage and hit & run, is from the French word for war: la guerre. It is also from Spanish, meaning "little war."
63. True. The Arabs know that the Europeans cannot resist the idea of profiting from ownership of the Middle Eastern nations.
64. A long intermission gives this director another way to bring the musical score to the audience.
65. US reporter Lowell Thomas wrote about and took photos of Lawrence in the desert war. The newspaper stories and lecture tours presented by Thomas made TE Lawrence a name known across Europe and America.
66. Turkish railways running across Arabia were the target of the Arabs under master demolitions soldier TE Lawrence.
67. The Geneva Conventions set the standards in international law for humanitarian treatment of the victims of war. The Geneva Conventions seek to protect people who are not or are no longer taking part in hostilities, for example:
* wounded or sick fighters
* prisoners of war
* civilians
* medical and religious personnel
68. After looting their victims in warfare, the Arab soldiers return home. The loot is their paycheck. This is worrisome to the British, who have a formalized system of pay.
69. Farraj has been wounded and cannot be left behind since torture will be his fate. Knowing this, Lawrence decides to kill Farraj rather than leave him.
70. Extreme battle fatigue causes Lawrence to flaunt himself in Deraa. He is tortured. The Turks don't realize that Lawrence is the famous enemy figure and he is released.
71. Yes; a Circassian is the same as a Caucasian. Thus there are some indigenous people in the Mid east who look European.
72. Caucasian Mtns lie east of the Black Sea; they are below Russia and above Georgia.
73. On the eve of the battle for Jerusalem we see Lawrence try to resign from the British Army.
74. The Sykes-Picot Treaty is a WWI agreement that establishes France and England as colonial masters of the Middle East.
75. Lawrence is, indeed, guilty of having told the Bedouins “half lies” about the British plans to control the Arabs after the war. He was being naive as well as struggling to change the future.
76. The Turks tortured him in Deraa.
77. Near the end of the campaign Lawrence seems to have become less idealistic and more jaded or cynical.
78. Hired soldiers are called mercenaries.
79. Gen Allenby is driven about in a Rolls Royce.
80. The Arabs are first to overpower the Turks in Damascus.
81. The tribal people form a government in Damascus. It is called the Arab National Council.
82. Arabs are incapable of managing the logistics of Damascus. The
water, electricity, medical and emergency factors were beyond their capabilities.
83. The Arab tribal leaders leave Damascus and return to their homes in the Arabian peninsula.
84. Lawrence is quite uncomfortable with his celebrity status after his return to Britain. He would rather be known as a writer than a war hero.
85. Lawrence was recognized as a significant writer. His book Seeven Pillars of Wisdom was a popular book; it is still on the market some 70 years later.
86. Lawrence was dead at age 47.