Monday, January 04, 2010

Semester review: the Mexico / Tenochtitlan quiz

Lee Spruell / Mexico
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Tenochtitlan Quiz / Geography / Trudeau

A 1. Found on the Baja Sur peninsula: a) Cabo San Lucas b) Mazatlan
c) Tijuana d) Acapulco.
C 2. A Dia de los muertos parody of a Mexican upper class female is referred to as
a) calacas b) Marigold c) Catrina d) Ciudad.
A 3. A Dia de los muertos altar, displaying offerings in honor of a deceased relative:
a) ofrendas b) calaveras c) pan de muertos d) a Mictecacihuatl.
A 4. The elements of the holiday Dia de los muertos reflects 2 cultural traditions: a) Aztec & Spanish b) Spanish & Mexican-American c) Texan & Mexican d) Pacifican & Caribbean.
B 5. The tradition of papel picado is derived from the a) Spanish b) indigenous c) French d) Mexican.

D 6. Chocolatl, the royal Aztec potion, is based upon a) currency b) corn flour c) chilies d) cacao bean.
A 7. The Aztec calendar: a) 365 days a year b) 360 days per year c) influenced the Roman calendar d) influenced the Mayan calendar.
B 8. In danger of over-harvesting: a) barracuda b) shark c) chiclets d) calacos.
D 9. Central America is also properly called a) North America b) South America c) Caribbean America d) Mesoamerica.
C 10. Pretty much the same place as Mexico City: a) Aztec calendar
b) Chocolatl c) Tenochtitlan d) Quetzalcoatl.
B 11. Cacophonous: a) densely populated b) harshly noisy c) roach-ridden d) shibboleth.