Thursday, January 21, 2010

Geography class test-taking guidelines

Thurs is the usual day for geography quizzes. Because students who wait til Thurs morn or Wed night to print out notes may run into unexpected problems, I will offer these guidelines -

- notes for the quiz will stop with whatever I add to the blog on Tues afternoon before 5 pm. So you can print out on Tues night or Wed morn and avoid the last minute problems that can and do occur on Thurs.

- use notes only; sorry, no computers on the open-notes quiz.
- no communication during the quiz: no whispering, looking around, passing anything, murmuring, or extended peering into one's lap.

Artful maps are an alternative to the memorized map quiz.
- include 15 identifications
- careful lettering
- neatly-sketched symbols: title frame, compass rose, ship or other symbol.
- colorful border
- all fields colored.
- borders with extra line or shadowing.