Thursday, January 28, 2010

Euro cities: Paris, Roma, London, Berlin

Paris 07
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Jan 28,29, Feb 1
Geography classes
Hours: 1, 3, 5, 6

Comparing the Great European Cities / Paris, London, Rome and Berlin

1. Research info and images.
2. Edit, identify appropriate material.
3. Assemble presentations.
4. Share work on Google Docs.

Each team of students takes a city and sub-divides into
- Demographics (pop, literacy, PCI, ethnicity, etc) - 3 images
- History (major conquerors, major periods, those famous in
technology, arts, business) 4 images
- Contemporary connections (trading partners, technology,
relationships w neighbors, languages, products & brand names, etc)
3 images

At the end of 3 research & assembly sessions, students will have
produced packages containing -
- minimum of 10 slides / images
- bulleted explanations (brief, edited material) on each slide (about 3 info bullets per image)
- images that are clear and large when projected
- spelling, grammar

- On additional slides: quiz for classmates / 7 multiple-choice general, simple questions.
- Map quiz items from the city and nation (Ex: Atlantic Ocean, Alps Mtns.) for class quiz. At east 7 items, 7 images.

Presentations will take place in the classroom.