Monday, January 04, 2010

Geography open notes quiz on Sept 10; call it Tres Hombres

C 1. Native to and occurring naturally in an area. a) indigent b) indiginal c) indigenous d) indigital.
A 2. Arabic greeting; "Peace!" a) Salaam b) Ramadan c) Shalom d) Ciao.
A 3. Jersey is one of the Channel Islands on the coast of Normandy, France. It is owned by the a) British
b) French c) Irish d) Belgians.
D 4. The remaining piece of the US Ethnic Population circle graph, according to the US Census Bureau, after
giving slices to Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, American Indians and other minority groups: a) 19%
b) 44% c) 66% d) 74%.
B 5. New Orleanians refer to suburbs such as Kenner as being on the West Bank. Decide whether the French Quarter is on the a) West Bank or b) East Bank.
B 6. The damage to New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina was due mostly to a) wind damage b) levee failure
c) loss of wetlands d) catastrophic conditions.
A 7. Because of its rivers and widespread deposits of alluvial soil, Louisiana has developed much of its wealth through a) agriculture b) petroleum c) seafood d) history.
C 8. A landlocked, mountainous nation in which the Taliban once sheltered the operations of al Qaeda.
a) Iran b) Iraq c) Afghanistan d) Pakistan.
B 9. Most directly associated with the 9/11 attacks: a) Taliban b) al Qaeda c) Afghanis d) Arabians.
A 10. a) Henry Hudson b) Hernan DeSoto c) Lewis and Clark: Which exploring group opened the Atlantic rim to trade and development?
A 11. A) Conservative b) liberal: strongly supports lower taxes.
A 12. A) Conservative b) liberal: strongly against government regulations that control the economy.