Sunday, September 30, 2012

Coming soon from Moonbot Studios, Shreveport: the Guardians of Childhood and Diggs Nightcrawler plus a Wm Joyce book signing at B&N on Sun, Oct 7, 3 pm

Rolling out Nov 21 is the DreamWorks film “Rise of the Guardians,” based on William Joyce’s book series, “The Guardians of Childhood.” Joyce was the executive producer on the movie, says

The Guardian books feature childhood icons like Santa Claus, the Sandman, the Easter Bunny, and the Man in the Moon, and will be available through Simon and Schuster.

The next Moonbot app release comes early next year with “Diggs Nightcrawler” for the new Sony PlayStation 3 Wonderbook platform. The film noir-style tale follows a bookworm detective as he tries to solve the murder of Humpty Dumpty.

Moonbot Interactive Creative Director Adam Volker says it involves a book, the Sony PlayStation platform, and a special camera to animate the book interactively on a video screen. The Nightcrawler character actually digs through the book with interactive help from the reader.

There's also a new app called Imag.N.O.Tron to go with The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore.

Flying out to the world's digital marketplace from their origination point of Shreveport, Louisiana.

A last minute update: William Joyce will have a hometown book signing to celebrate The Sandman and Toothiana on Sunday, October 7 at 3PM at Barnes & Noble.