Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Iguana meat! and a quiz

Iguana meat! by videsent
Iguana meat!, a photo by videsent on Flickr.

In Central and South America the iguana is prized for its meat.

Jerk chicken review
1. Name an island on which English is a principal language.
2. Name an island on which French is a principal language.
3. Name an island on which Spanish is a principal language.
4. Name an island on which Dutch is a principal language.
5. Hispaniola is an __ .
6. The Cayman islands were named for a creature that is more or less an __.
6/7. Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, Nicaragua and Mexico do not seem to be Caribbean nations. They are too far from the principal islands of Cuba and Hispaniola to be classified as Caribbean nations. T / F