Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Map of the day: the Sunshine State / What Florida business is one that Louisiana might emulate?

This successful institution provides entertainment, education, fun and jobs. And it is easy on the environment.

Who knew the town of Orlando before Disneyworld?
Orlando Bloom?

At any rate, Shreveport has SciPort, which is a step in the right direction. But think about it: there's no impressive amusement park in the Arklatex.

Map of Florida . . .
- Miami
- West Palm Beach
- Jacksonville
- Key West
- Florida keys archipelago
- Tampa and Tampa Bay
- Tallahassee, the capital
- Pensacola, part of what the NY Times calls the Redneck Riviera (the original Riviera is part of the French Mediterranean coast).
- Everglades Natl Park
- Lake Okeechobee
- Gulf Stream (blue, warm and flowing ocean stream) flowing through the Straits of Florida and across the Atlantic.
- Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic
- the Bahamas, Georgia, Alabama are the neighbors.