Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Public art is like a winning football team; it makes people feel good about their community

Chicago Picasso by Aldenar
Chicago Picasso, a photo by Aldenar on Flickr.

In public art Shreveport has a 6-story mural called "Once Upon A Millennium Moon." It covers 2 sides of a downtown building that can easily be seen by people on I-20. It is a point of pride for Shreveporters. Makes us look good.

Chicago has 2 very famous pieces of public art: the 50 foot-tall Chicago Picasso downtown steel sculpture and the highly reflective, bean-shaped steel sculpture at Millennium Park called Cloud Gate.

Shreveport also has a guitar-playing sculpture on Texas St that is a likeness of Leadbelly, a man called the "father of American fold music." Leadbelly is internationally-known and honored.