Friday, September 28, 2012

Comparing basic demographics of La, Tx and Connecticut; due 10.2-3, 15pts

Caddo Magnet Class of 2011    m  by trudeau
Caddo Magnet Class of 2011 m , a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

You are the CEO of a small company. State the name of the company in such a way that I can tell what sort of business it is. Example: Martin Diabetic Services, Inc. Williams Physical Therapy. Tremaine
Dance School, Inc. Van Gogh Financial Advisers, Inc. Titanic Ship Construction, Inc.

You are considering relocating to Texas or, in a radical possibility, to Connecticut.

Your first level of research - to be presented to your executive team - is a basic demographic background of the 3 states (incl La).

Please make colorful, neat graphs - either digital or handmade - that show these comparisons -

% of people with high school diploma.
% of pop. w bachelor's degree.
% of residents who fall below the poverty line.

Because America's population is changing, an ethnic analysis might be useful -
% of Caucasian.
% of Af-Amer.
% Asians
% Hispanics.

Amount of growth can be a consideration.
Show the totals and the % of change in population for each state. You may use 2011 or 2012 and may begin with 2000 or 2010. Do the math!

Your executives will expect a summary statement. In 3 sentences tell them which state you've chosen and explain the factors - from your graphs - that influenced your decision.

- Neat printing of labels. - Colorful bar or pie graphs. - Smart title. - Name, date, block in upper right. - Completed in notebook.