Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pop-up Caribbean map project

Caribbean_general_map by trudeau
Caribbean_general_map, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

In-class, hands-on activity . . .

A) With scissors, clip out the shapes of the major locations in the Caribbean. Each island should have a rectangular tab included in the cut. This will become a hinge for the pop-up when it is glued to the page.
b) Make sure each shape is colored but does not bear a name.
c) Archipelagos made of many small islands can be cut out in lengthy blocks. Ex: the Bahamas and the Lesser Antilles.
d) Write the identification for each location under the shape. That way someone can see the colorful, blank shapes as a quiz. When they pick up the hinged island
they will see the name of the location.
e) On the side of the page, make a word bank.

For indie work, you may teach a brief lesson on the Caribbean to a classmate or sibling or parent. Refresh them via a study guide map or your atlas. Then let them use the pop-up map as a test.

In a brief essay give the name and profile of the people taking the quiz and their overall performance.

Please include
- Yucatan peninsula
- Florida
- Cuba
- Jamaica
- Haiti
- Dominican Rep.
- Puerto Rico
- Trinidad
- the Lesser Antilles
- Venezuela
- Guld of Mexico
- Caribbean
- Atlantic