Monday, September 03, 2012

The Rivers are Roads quiz and 2-sentence essay, 9.4-5

road shreveport  by trudeau
road shreveport , a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

1. River that forms the boundary between Texas and Mexico: __ __ .
2. The border between Texas and Oklahoma is mostly defined by one river: __ __ .
3. Most of the border between Texas and Louisiana is defined by the __ River.
4. Dallas, Shreveport, Monroe, Jackson, MS, and Los Angeles have something in common. a) longitude b) latitude c) humidity d) petroleum.
5. The Vieux Carre means the "Old section" and, in Louisiana, refers to the __ __ .
6. The city of New Orleans developed in a __ bend in the river, thus giving the city one of its nicknames, the __ City. (same answer, both blanks)
7. In the Katrina story of 2005, the city's problem was mainly the a) soil b) canals c) Lake Pontchartrain d) levees.
The last question will be scored as a mini-essay for 3 pts. 8. Might a definition of the term "Arklatex" include Dallas-Ft Worth? In a two-sentence answer, use the term "latitude" and "proximity."
Proximity means "closeness."
Add a clever title.